How to Prepare for Maternity Leave

You've peed on the stick and you've told your partner, YAY! Congratulations! Now what? Preparing for baby's arrival can feel like a never ending hurry-up-and-wait cycle that may never end, but in reality those 9 months go fast and before you know it you have made the fast transition of working … Continue reading

My Postpartum Body

Fair warning, this post may gross you out. The fact that you have read past the title says one of three things. You can relate, you want to learn, or you like being grossed out. Every birth and postpartum experience is different. It’s important to me to share my story so more people can … Continue reading

Puppies and Babies

Throughout my research on the issue of unpaid Maternity Leave in the US I have come across many conflicting views on who is responsible and what is reasonable. I find that many people want to turn the discussion into a political issue when it is truly everyone's issue. I have come to a conclusion … Continue reading